Sigma Capital is a privately held, majority-black owned investment group based in South Africa and established in 2015.

We aim to be a leading African investment company with a diversified focus both in terms of sectors and regions. Never just a financial partner, we always seek opportunities where we can add significant value through a combination of networks, expertise, relationships and skill. We strive to be nimble, fast-moving and flexible in our approach, whilst always maintaining a strong focus on building sustainable partnerships.

“Sigma” refers to the symbol ∑, which in mathematical terms means to “sum” or to “add up”. This encapsulates how we operate as a group, always seeking opportunities or partnerships where on a sustainable basis 1 + 1 will be greater than 2. Furthermore, it highlights our mindset of operating within inclusive environments and embracing transformation.


Sigma Capital aims to be a leading African investment group.

Whilst a number of strategic ventures are based in South Africa, we are considering various opportunities elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. Specific countries include inter alia Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Mozambique. The team together with its strategic partners have strong local and international expertise.